Buy Sell Buy

Well the ASX did fall by some 176 pts or 5.6%, yesterday, but this was really nothing compared to the 25% seen in 1987. And as they say in the classics - sell in boom, buy in gloom.

And BUY they did - some Aussie brokers released some figures, E*trade saying that they executed 6,500 trades, 7% of total ASX trades, CommSec 14,000 trades or 14.5% CommSec also said that of these trades $54.9m were buys, $39.9m were sells. Get ya bargains ‘ere.

And what happened to Sausage Software (ASX: SAS) They opened at $1.70 before recovering to about $3.00 - far off their high of $8.20 - talk about getting poleaxed!