Netscape 6

I’ve recently been having a look at the latest browser release - Netscape 6. I’ve looked at Mozilla Seamonkey in the past, just to see what was next on the browser front, but I have to say that I am impressed by several things about the newest release.

Mainly the UI, it’s clean and simple - just a shame that Netscape decided to bloat the release with alot of rubbish you either don’t need or can’t use anyway - who the hell needs Net2Phone anyway? Shame they took such a slim browser and inflated it with crappy ‘extra’ apps. This destroys some of the beauty of the Mozilla Project.

The XML/XUL design lends itself well to total customisation - the ‘skin’ feature does not currently work but should in the near future - this is a feature sorely lacking in the browser world.

Both Mozilla Seamonkey and Netscape 6 ‘Preview Release 1’ are still slower by my reckoning than Internet Explorer 5.01 but as they are said to fully support W3C recommendations - we have something to look forwards too. Let’s just see if Netscape can claw back some market share…