Speaking of money [and stolen cars], I just saw my first Audi S8 on the road. Nice big black bugger, sounded awesome. There are only a couple in Australia at the moment - they were only launched this month. I remember a story last year about an S8 being stolen from the Sydney docks, fresh off the boat from Germany. It was taken for a joyride for a few hours but recovered a short time later. Seems somebody left the keys in the ignition.

In Saturday’s Sydney Morning Herald I read about a black Porsche 996 GT3 (NSW Registration AIK 72Y) that was stolen from a Sydney dealership last month, the future owner had ordered it one year ago, only to have it stolen just prior to delivery. There are only going to be about 100 GT3’s imported into Australia this year, so it would be a hard car to hide.

I remember another story about a 993 Turbo being stolen, I think even from the same dealership, again, just as the customer was taking delivery - somebody left the keys in the ignition…