Black Helicopters

We were just finishing dinner last night when a helicopter flew over our building. It seemed very low and was very loud. I went to the window to investigate - but saw nothing.

Then, as I stood there, another helicopter flew overhead. It was infact three Army UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters, flying extremely low over the top of the buildings in my street and out over the harbour. They were engaged, I guess, in some sort of Olympics training exercise - at night, at low altitude, with minimal navigation lights.

Infact, they seemed to be running in flights of three aircraft, 2 in close formation with no lights, and the other a slight distance away with minimal [ie: one] navigation light/s. I went up onto the roof of our building and watched at least eight flights of 2-3 Blackhawks fly over my head. Watching them fly so low over the buildings and harbour, without lights, was truly amazing.