There’s alot of talk about the use of Flash in websites. While I can agree with some of the stuff being said in the article - Flash is Evil, I find that when used correctly - flash can be good.

One example would be, in my eyes, the VW Turbonium site. It uses small flash animations to great effect. Maybe in some parts it is not needed and some simple HTML would suffice but in general I have to say that this site works well.

The sound effects are of excellent quality - even on my scratchy speakers - and the download time for each page is small - well the ‘stuff’ page weighs in at 219kb but I have a fast connection. With the proliferation of Cable and DSL and the general fattening of pipes everywhere this will become a non-issue. But for those with slow modem connections the wait is worth it - if only for this site.

The moral of the story is use flash sparingly. And DO NOT - under any circumstances - use it to resurrect the useless splash page.