New Car Shopping

Nighthawk Black Pearl Jazz

We’ve decided that it’s time for a new motor.

So we’ve been out hunting for a cheap runabout that could also take us on some highway trips in the not too distant future. Car of the moment is the extremely versatile Honda Jazz VTi.

We were very impressed with the interior room, the awesome CVT transmission with it’s 7 speed manual mode and the Jazz’s good looks - particularly when finished in Nighthawk black pearl.

If we get it, I’d really like to fit it with 15-in wheels to replace the standard 14-in numbers. The salesman tried to talk us out of doing so by producing a service bulletin issued by Honda Australia. It stated that the GLi and VTi models should not be fitted with 15-in wheels as they will rub on the guards and that the electronic power steering mechanism is different between the GLi/VTi and the VTi-S. I’m not sure that the suspension spec is different between the VTi-S and the VTi but perhaps the electronic power steering is calibrated differently when fitted with 15-in wheels as on the VTi-S. Very interesting.

I’m not entirely convinced that there is a difference between the two - it could be a ploy to prevent the 15-in wheels of the VTi-S being fitted the cheaper VTi model. After all the difference in price between the two models is quite large and the best feature of the VTi-S is its larger wheels.

FYI: VTi-S fitted with 185/55 R15 82V on 15x6JJ wheels, VTi fitted with 175/65 R14 82T on 14x5.5JJ wheels.

update: the VTi-S is listed with a slightly larger turning circle also - 9.8m as opposed to the GLi/VTi 9.4m.