Bites of the Apple

Apple has just made some new product announcements at MWSF. I’m currently having massive problems sourcing any news other than some tidbits posted to Macminute and some random pages on Apple’s homepage.

Biggest announcement appears to be the release of a 4g iPod mini. I can’t actually access any site that gives me any more information other than that at the moment. Oh wait - there it is over on the Apple page. Ha! “Everything you love about iPod just got tinier…” I read that as tinnier, it’s made of aluminium after all.. Looks pretty weird. Not sure that I like the colours available but they should appeal to teenagers I guess.

Dimensions 2in x 3.6in, weight 3.6 ounces compared to my 20g iPod at 2.4in x 4.1 and 5.6 ounces. It’s not really that much smaller. I’ll wait until I have seen one to pass judgement. A cheaper iPod for the masses can’t be all bad. Especially when an iPod purchase may be the hook to swap a ‘switcher’.

iPhoto, iDVD, iMovie & iTunes have been updated. iPhoto appears to now have a decent database at the backend and can store a bunch of photos without slowing down like it currently does (v2.0). Can’t seem to find the download button, I think they may have moved all iLife products into the consumer package. Yep - US$49 available from 16-Jan-04.

iPhoto now has many similar features to iTunes such as rendezvous sharing and a 5-star rating system. I’ll probably stump up what will most probably be AUD$99 based on the updates to iPhoto alone.

There is also a new application called GarageBand that appears to be a simplified version of Soundtrack (perhaps iSoundtrack by a better name!)

There are also updates to the Xserve line to bring them up to G5 specs and the release of Final Cut Express 2.0.