Chip off The New Block

Ahhh life in Manly. Got home a little later than normal and decided to head out for dinner. Ended up at a place half way along Manly Beach - Ash’s Table for their roast special.

Problem was that an extremely vain couple decided to plonk themselves next to us and proceed to have a bit of an argument. As we quickly realised it was indeed Jason and Kirsten from ‘The Block’. While we tucked in, they proceeded to have a somewhat heated conversation regarding their place, how it was judged today (??), how important an opportunity the whole thing was, how Jamie this, Stephen that and the body corporate needs to do something about something else blah blah.

All good clean fun until the camera crew turned up and proceeded to shoot from outside looking in, just as the couple left. We also noticed when they left (after not actually eating or drinking anything) that they both had mic packs on their belts… I wonder if it was all part of the show?

A brush with fame! (or should that be a brush with vain)