After putting up with my piece of shight Sony Ericsson T68i for the past year, I finally ditched it and picked up a new Nokia 6600.

I got it primarily because I had actually used one before (my aunty Sharon has one) and knew what to expect (I hate phone shopping because they can generally only show you the ‘dummy’ phones… not the real thing… grr…) AND because it runs the Symbian operating system that supports expansion via multitude of apps written for it and in Java.

I doesn’t support iSync out of the box but there are some well documented hacks to get it up and running. Still the question of why it’s not supportted remains unanswered. That pain aside I’ve been playing around with the email functionality and the mobile version of Opera that has allowed me to surf the net and post to this here site - evidenced here and here.

I like it!