Lost in Translation (★★★★★)

Everyone wants to be found.

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Best film of the year without a doubt. Thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish, helped no doubt by my own experiences visiting Tokyo and staying in a hotel similar to the one used for the setting of this film.

Standout performances by both Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson are a definite highlight as mentioned in my previous review. Bill Murray deserves the ‘Best Actor’ Oscar this year for his career-topping performance.

Murray stars as ‘Bob Harris’, a Hollywood actor suffering from a mid-life crisis, over in Tokyo to shoot a series of typically-Japanese whiskey commercials. Seemingly lost between the language barrier and ever present schedule, Bob spends most of his spare time in the hotel and its lobby bar.

Charlotte, played by Johanssen, is the young wife of a photographer, John (Giovanni Ribisi) who is in Tokyo for an assignment. With John out working every day, Charlotte finds herself whiling away the hours in the hotel and lobby bar also.

Bob and Charlotte inevitably cross paths in the hotel and instantly strike up a relationship, albeit that of soul-mates - not your typical Hollywood romance schlock. The interactions between their characters and the development of their friendship is portrayed in a fantastic manner by writer and director Sophia Coppola

To me, Coppola also captures the essence of Tokyo in this film. From the subtlety of the lift chimes (I can remember that noise!), the Shibuya shots, the subway scenery, the restaurants & food, the hidden bars and some of the quirkiness - all made me want to desperately get back to Tokyo.

Definitely one to add to my DVD collection when it’s released here.