All quiet on the Western.. No wait!

Running this here site I’ve had some seemingly constant issues with the teadious procedure of selecting, re-sizing, colour-correcting, unsharp masking and uploading new photos to post.

I’ve thought about implementing several different solutions: perhaps using an off-the-shelf backend image database (like Gallery) or perhaps creating my own image database. Maybe I should splurge out on the full-version of Photoshop CS (although my iBook will definately groan more than it does already, under the pressure)?

Anyway, I think I may have found what may be the best solution for my current situation. This morning I had a fairly decent bash (no pun intended) at ImageMagick.

Within 10 minutes I was unsharping, resizing and am now generally happy with the results. All I need to do now is write a few scripts to automate my normal process and we’re laughing.

Watch this space.