MT 3.0

This morning, SixApart released their much anticipated MovableType Version 3.0 product. They also introduced a new pricing structure.

I’d say from a straw poll of out in the blog-o-sphere - the reception to their prices has been far from positive. Check out the trackbacks against this post by MT co-founder Mena Trott. Ouch.

My opinion? I’m more than happy to pay for using MT for my blog and the several other sites I host on my install. I think that 6A - now that it is a fully fledged business in its own right, with associated employees, premises etc - needs to make money. But wasn’t that what their TypePad product was primarily for?

I say primarily because whilst TypePad ensures a monthly cash flow into the MT business, there will still be a fair bit of 6A intellectual property tied up within each release of MT Which - as previously stated - I’d be happy to pay a reasonable price for.

The issue is that they’re charging a hell of a lot of money for each MT license. On my current install, I’d be up for US$119.95 - that’s AU$175.00!!. Considering that Mac OS X 10.3 set me back AU$229.00, I’d say that MT is looking a little expensive - especially when the license is only for personal use.

Anyway, that said I have installed 3.0 on my http://localhost/ test server and it looks quite good. I’ll wait and see if it’s $175 good though.