Coupe De Ville

I left my credit card in an ATM on Saturday morning. Bad start to the weekend. It’s been cancelled, new card to arrive in a couple of days. I’m looking forward to a week spent in bank teller queues and scraping together any coins I have lying around for lunch money.

Went to the World Press Photo 04 exhibition at the State Library on Saturday. Some fantastic photos were seen, the news shots are a little grim but I guess that’s the world we’re living in. Going to try and head to the related talks to be held on July 1st.

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Also visited the Mercedes-Benz DreAMGallery on Friday, not a patch on Goodwood Festival of Speed but fun nonetheless. I’ll post some photos taken at the event tomorrow morning.

This week we should hopefully see the bathroom and kitchen tiled. If everything turns out, we should be moving in before we know it. Another month maybe?

Was pleasantly reminded how good an album Paul’s Boutique really is. That changeover from mono to stereo about nine seconds into Hey Ladies still rocks my socks.