Rawking Along

Renovations are going along well, we now have ceilings and the cornice’s went in today. A little more finishing off and they’ll be all done. Only a few more of the messy parts of our reno are left, then we can start on the fun stuff - putting all the important bits back in.

Am currently listening to the new Beastie Boys album - To the 5 Boroughs - after finally picking up a copy the other day. The album was due to be released on June 13, which was a Sunday and was never going to happen. Then it was the 14th, which then fell on a public holiday so it too got postponed to the Tuesday - but wait - then the distribution company used by EMI apparently went into receivership further delaying things… Keep me in suspense why don’t you.

Anyway, drama averted, I have the album now and have been listening to it more than is sane. Although I would have to agree that some songs are on the cheesy side, I am liking it right now.

MovableType have re-jigged their licensing scheme again which now looks a little more inviting. I think I’ll be upgrading sometime soon.

Like Tim, I too have started to play around with Photoshop a little more than usual. I’ve installed the demo version of CS and so far am mighty impressed. It may just be in my head, but the real Photoshop seems so much more stable than Elements. The startup time is also about half that of Elements. I’d never previously bothered installing it thinking my G3 iBook would instantly choke, roll-over and die after the first Dock bounce. But nooo siir-ee. Works like a charm.

Strong rumor has it that BMW and Apple are about to team up for an iPod interface which would allow you to plug your iPod into the dash somewhere, then use the BMW steering-wheel mounter stereo controls to remotely control your iPod. An OEM solution. Another reason to justify buying a new MINI I reckon :)