We have water

Well almost. The pipes are there, honest.

Yesterday was the biggest day on the renovation yet. All action as the new plumbing work was installed in both the kitchen and bathroom. Walls in both rooms have been taken back to the bare brick in preparation for rendering and tiling. We’re making progress.

That said, I’ve got the easy part. I can only really stick around for a short while each morning before I have to go to work. It’s Nellie that ends up having to deal with our trades for the rest of the day, not something I’d wish upon anyone. I’m eternally indebted to her for taking on and sorting the majority of the ‘normal’ issues that come up in these situations. A million and one questions asked under extreme pressure. I trust no other person more than my Natty.

I’ll hopefully get more photos up of the reno now that I have my photo section properly sorted. The latest two shots were taken last night (before the storm) in complete darkness. I ran a 15s exposure then lit up the room with a torch, the end result was quite effective I think.