Paid another visit to Harvey Norman at lunch. Firstly I noticed that the price of the IXUS500 previously mentioned had dropped from the $899 Sunday price, to the incredible new price of $749. Canon’s website is still reporting the RRP for this camera to be $899. I believe that they have some in stock too. Extremely tempting to just get one tomorrow.

But that’s not why I was there. I actually dropped in to take another look at the Philips LCD television we’ve been thinking of getting for our place. Space for our flat-mate is going to be a little bit tight, so we thought it would be opportune to look at getting one of those new fangled flat-screen, wall mountable jobbies that are all the rage these days. Only plasma screens are way beyond our mere-mortal disposable income and I still have a voice resonating in the back of my mind about the reported shorter lifespan (aka half-life) of plasma screens. Nuf said.

I’ve had my eye on a Philips screen for a while now, purely based upon my impression of the picture and clarity compared to the other brand units on display in various stores. It just seems that much better to me - and the price isn’t half bad either. Even better still now that the prices appear to have dropped significantly.

Once out of reach based on price, the 23in model is now retailing for just $2,700 (down from $3,499). Smaller screens have dropped by just as much too, the 17in model is a paltry $1,700. I’d dearly love to get a HD-capable rig up and running in the next couple of months, a screen like these would be it’s cornerstone.