A bit slow

Nice to see a little bit of rain, although it seems to have passed this morning. It’s also colder than it has been all winter thus far. Sydney does get cold in winter, it’s just that everyone that lives here continues to pretend that it doesn’t. I could talk about that for hours.

Our apartment is coming along, albeit slowly. By the end of this week we’re praying that the bathroom gods will be kind enough to provide a suitable throne to install upon our newly tiled floor. All other bathroom items bar one have been sourced and are ready for front line action. Kitchen is to receive a major boost over the coming weeks with the arrival of our major appliances and hopefully some bench cupboards will be installed before the month is out. As soon as the hot water is on and the toilet is flushing, we’re in.

The light at the end of the tunnel at work is approaching. The project I’ve been working on for the past 3 months is drawing close to a production launch. Currently crossing t’s and dotting i’s to ensure that everything is as it should be. Very much looking forward to the next big thing.

Totally re-wrote the backend of my photos section over the weekend, although you’d be extremely hard pressed to notice. All images are now displayed with proper width/height attributes set automatically using PHP, rather than the shoddy $php_variable code used in the earlier version. Works quite well, I may implement a similar solution to the inline images shown within my main blog (the page you are reading now).

Have continued to agonise over what camera to purchase over the coming months. My heart is definitely with a Canon item, yet I continue to find myself flirting with the Nikon D70. Luckily they’re rare as hens teeth in Australian stores at the moment. I’d be looking to pick up a Canon 10D towards the end of the year, hopefully if and when we get a chance to get over to Japan again. After this I’d be looking to downsize my S45 to an IXUS500 or similar.

In my research, prices for all cameras vary wildly from retailer to retailer. On Sunday I spotted the IXUS500 for $899 in one shop, $749 in another. 10D for $3800, whilst on the shelf for $2500 in another. Very curious indeed. AUD converted prices also seem cheaper when sourced from US stores (like B&H) than from Japanese stores (like Yodobashi). Even after shipping and having to pay 10% GST it’s cheaper, although risky to ship expensive and delicate item.

The Who Wants to be a Millionaire ‘The Block’ special last night was a utter joke. Firstly they botched the advertising scheduling by bumping ‘The Apprentice’ and putting ‘The Block’ show on instead, meaning that it didn’t start until 9.30pm. Then once it started it was obvious that there was no way they would cram all 4 couples into the hour long show, which of-course they didn’t, only 2 got a run. Missed opportunity in my book. They should have put it on as a 2 hour special. Odd indeed.