Good & Bad Apples

My trusty iBook is not well. Symptoms include regular kernel panics, a locking hard-drive and general instability. I can no longer burn CDs either using the internal drive or an external drive. Thankfully, I’ve managed to back up most important files to both an external firewire drive and to my iPod for good measure. This weekend I may attempt a clean re-install of Panther to see if anything improves - if not I’d suggest that a new hard-drive is in order.

I attempted to pick up a copy of DiskWarrior last night from an Apple Store. I saw attempted because the sales assistants talked me out of it, suggesting that I bring it in for a once over by their service department. I’ll take them up on it only as a last resort.

Whilst there I managed to have a gawk at the new iPod mini. Initial impression: very small, the colours are a little more drab than the promo photos suggest - the pink is more of a purple and other colours are much darker than I had expected. I like it very much. Didn’t manage to see a new iPod although apparently they were in stock (there wasn’t a display model). Very impressed by the size of the Airport Express, might even pick up a couple for our new place. Extremely impressed by the the new studio displays, I played around with the 20in and 23in models which were hooked up in side-by-side/spanning mode. Very well designed, much cleaner than the old plastic models. Very strange to fire up Safari and have it display a webpage at 1920px wide. They also had a wide desktop wallpaper set across the two displays, very tasty indeed. I’m suffering from severe hardware envy.