Weekend Report

We spent the weekend just past down in Bowral, staying at the newly renovated Craigieburn.

As an added treat, our Saturday night stay coincided with their annual ‘Christmas in July’ celebrations, consisting of a xmas dinner with all the trimmings.

Craigieburn is a great place, perhaps a little ruined by it’s recent makeover. Nat & I both agreed that we preferred it the way it was before, more family-orientated rather than the conference/resort bent they appear to have gone for nowadays. Besides that the grounds & golf course is still there and it’s still teeth-shatteringly cold at night. What else would you ask for?

Car Spotting from the weekend: saw my first VW Passat W8 (They’ve sold one!), a gold Lamborghini Diablo GT and numerous wolf-dressed as sheep Mercedes-Benz E55’s with E320 badges on the back and more discrete exhaust tips (single, not double each side). It must be a new optional pack on the E55… I saw another one in Sydney yesterday. My kind of car.

Passed a massive accident on the M5 heading home on Sunday, looked as though a BMW E46 had hit trouble and had rolled several times in the green-strip between the northbound/southbound lanes. Lucky that it stopped there.. Emergency crews were in attendance as we passed.

Suffice to say, we’re both fine. Looking forward to some holidays in the next month so we can get cracking and move into our new place. A toilet should be getting installed in the next couple of hours, a massive milestone completed. We’re on the home stretch.