update: a week and a half until holidays, a week and a half until holidays…

One more week until holidays, one more week until holidays...

Spent much of the weekend scraping our windows back to raw timber in preparation for painting. Perhaps a little bit of overkill - but I’m actually enjoying it. Polystrippa ‘Renovators Choice’ (no less) is wonderful stuff for such circumstances. We are still intending to move in this weekend which - as you can probably tell - I’m not looking forward to at all.

I’ve now re-installed Panther from scratch and the hard-drive demons that were plaguing my iBook appear to have been banished. Let’s hope it lasts. That also means that I now have 14gb free on the hard-drive. 14-gig… On the old install I was struggling for space big time. Good news all around.

In other news: On the weekend I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Verbatim sell their flashy new Movie Reel DVDs in ‘Super Jewel Box’ cases.

I had looking at buying a bunch of such cases directly from the Jewelboxing site but was a little put off at paying USD$50 + USD$50 shipping to get 30 empty cases. Enter Verbatim. I ended up grabbing 6 cases containing 6 blank DVD-R discs for roughly AUD$3.00 each (AUD$10 for a 3 pack). Templates for creating inserts for these cases can be found here.