Ferrari F430

Ferrari F430

Not that it even remotely needed to be, the Ferrari F360 Modena is about to be superseded by this monster, the F430. The F430 inherits much from the F360, but adds more engine capacity, weight, power, price etc. The engine is an all new design first seen in a less powerful guise in several recent Maseratis. I don’t mind the overall design, but hey, it’s a Ferrari - who wouldn’t give away their first born child to own one.

The only bit that doesn’t gel for me is this:

Ferrari F430 mirror


There’s something a little naff about having the model designation etched into the wing mirrors. Something a little too ‘Miami Vice’ for me. This alone initially puts me off the F430.. If I were given the choice, I might just go for a black Lambo Gallardo instead.

As always, I’ll wait to make my final judgement until I actually see one in the flesh.