So it’s been a little quiet round here. I blame the fact my iBook finally died, it’s currently in the shop getting repaired. Not 100% sure, but I’m betting the harddrive finally tossed it in. We shall see.

I’m currently on an extended vacation from work, four whole weeks. Enough time to get our place all sorted and time enough to chill out with my Nellie. I’m beginning to realise how little time we actually get to spend with each other when we’re working: just a few short hours each morning and a little more quality time making dinner before heading to bed to start it all over again. I hate that.

Last week we attended my mums wedding, finally marrying her Bruce after all these years. Congrats mum+bruce again. A fantastic afternoon on the harbour.

Today we went made our annual pilgrimage to the motorshow, I’ve posted most of my photos if you’re interested in a little car pr0n. I found the show to be a little lacking this year, nothing really jumped out: sorely missed were the usual array of faux-race/rally machines; Lamborghini (no stand?). Not enough old cars either, what’s wrong with a little heritage, eh? Why not plump a mint A9X next to the Torana concept?

Apart from that we’ve finally had our carpet laid and our shower-screen installed. Only minor fettling to go now. The carpet in particular has made a massive difference, it really feels like a home now. Happy days.