Gone Sailing

Nellie’s father John was kind enough to take me out sailing for the first time in my life on Saturday on his Laser. Perfect weather, though not much breeze - enough to scoot around the waters off Dangar Island for a couple of amazing hours. Fantastic, can’t wait to go out again.

Setting out

Setting out from the shore.


We are sailing, we are sailing, home again, ‘cross the sea (apologies to Rod Stewart)

Sailing past the Halvo

Sailing past the Halvo’

Beer O'Clock

Heading in for a beer

###Nellie’s turn###

Nellie went out on Sunday afternoon, just as a change swept through ;) Standing on the shore, we saw the Laser at angles I thought were impossible - then, when I headed back out half an hour later - things had calmed down again.

Nellie getting ready to sail

Nellie getting ready to sail.

Nellie and John setting out

Nellie and John setting out, about to get very wet.

Good clean fun, can’t wait for my first capsize.