This morning I was woken by a nightmare. I also woke Nellie who said that I had been tossing and turning, breathing heavily and rapidly. At first I couldn’t remember what I had dreamt about, but then about a half and hour later I remembered, albeit in disjointed, vague snippets.

We were leaving a ‘venue’ after listening to ‘someone’ make an announcement about ‘something’, trying to get ourselves organised to leave in a rather large 4wd (no one I know owns such a beast, Landcruiser 100-series?). Whilst Nat & I were climbing through the doors, the driver - a woman - gunned the throttle and took off, with both us of struggling to climb aboard. Picture the 4wd flying across a road, up and over gutters and embankments - with both Nat & I hanging onto the madly swinging doors for dear life. We started shouting at the driver and other front-seat passenger to stop but they didn’t seem to hear us. I then woke up.

I think I was trying to tell myself something. I don’t honestly remember the last time I had a nightmare.