Buzz Off

When our washing machine finishes it’s cycle, it beeps… and beeps… and beeps until you choose to stop it. Handy at times but downright annoying some other times. After finally RTFM, I worked out how to stop it.

This one’s for Google…

####How to disable the buzzer on a Miele WT 945 WPS####

Alternatively known as ‘How to enable/disable the end-of-cycle buzzer/beeper on your Miele WT 945 WPS washer/dryer machine’.

  • Make sure your machine is off with both dials in the Finish position and the door is shut
  • Whilst holding down both the Soak and Pre-wash buttons, turn your machine on. The Soak and Pre-wash buttons should stay lit and the LCD display should change to P
  • Turn the WASHING dial to Cottons 40&degree;C, the LCD should then change to a 0
  • Press Start to cycle between 0 being ‘buzzer on’ and 1 being ‘buzzer off’
  • Once you’ve enabled/disabled the buzzer, turn your machine off again and your settings should be remembered

Peace and quiet return to the neighborhood. Everyone loves a happy ending.