Side Notes Revisted

Been meaning to post a note about my restored ‘SideNotes’ section for a while, so here it finally is.

I used to use a separate MovableType weblog, suitably trimmed down and fiddled with to make it resemble a linkblog. Nothing too wrong with this scenario, although the inherent delay when posting to MT coupled with the simplistic MT bookmarklet spelled the end for this setup.

In its place, I’ve moved my SideNotes across to Why? It’s quick, easy and allows me to post new entries using the better bookmarklet (or the even betterer(!) nutritious bookmarklet. I love the tags methodology used within which seems more natural than categories when working with quick entries or photos (a la Flickr). The tags setup also allows me to generate RSS feeds for entries posted with a particular tag - in the case of my SideNotes - sidenote.

All I needed to add my entries tagged with sidenote to my weblog was a little bit of php-foo courtesy of Magpie and away we go!

I guess the only bad side is that SideNotes are no longer archived on my site, rather only over on If folds or changes their policy at any time I may lose my links, I guess I’ll have to cross this bridge if / when that happens.

Let me know if you have any questions.