State of the Union

BRW Magazine chimes in with some interesting commentary about the delayed Australian iTunes Music Store and the state of online music distribution in Australia:

The public has been slow to embrace the three big Australian download sites, Telstra’s BigPond, HMV/ninemsn and Destra Corporation… Music business analyst Phil Tripp says the slow response is because their pricing is higher and because they rushed into the market in December 2003, with not enough tracks to impress consumers. Their Windows media application technology can be used only by PCs, although 70% of the digital music players sold here are iPod. This borders on the ridiculous, Tripp says.

Plus some more comments about the motivation (or perhaps lack of priority) for an Australian iTMS:

iTunes is now in 15 countries, covering 70% of the world’s music market. The Australian arm has been negotiating clearance rights with record companies for the past year. But Australia, 2% of the global music market, is hardly a priority for Apple’s US headquarters. Some do not expect iTunes to be in Australia until the end of 2005.

Today was one of the supposed launch dates for the AU iTMS, the other being the end of next week. But Apple being Apple who really knows?

UPDATE: There’s a similar article over at SMH today: Online music at last turns a dollar.