Ended up heading down to Hickson Rd Reserve this morning with Anthony to catch the Mark Webber F1 action on the Harbour Bridge. Quite strange to see the Bridge devoid of traffic, stranger still hearing an F1 car on (almost) full noise driving back and forth across it.

Webber crosses the Bridge

We couldn’t see any of the action live due to the complete lockdown of most vantage points - but that’s not to say that it was a waste of time. The NOISE the FW27 FW26 made as it crossed over the Bridge far above us was insane. The entire demo probably lasted about 10 minutes, with Webber driving from the Southern tollbooths, across the Bridge and up just before Milsons Point train station and back again a half dozen times - with the obligatory half spin at each end.

Can’t wait for the Grand Prix next weekend!