The Aviator (★★★☆☆)

I had high expectations for The Aviator, sadly I was let down. A fantastic subject for any feature film, if only they hadn’t tried to cover so much ground. Howard Hughes was such a complex man that achieved so much, any one of the subplots glossed over in this would have been worthy of a full-length film in its own right. It just seemed to move from one episode to another with no real direction, no story of any substance to speak of.

On top of this, an agonising amount of time in the middle section was spent portraying Hughes’s reclusive, germ-a-phobic habits that, in the end, didn’t really add anything to the storyline other than padding the film out to an epic three-hour runtime. There were just too many moments like this, a good story sure - just under cooked and at the end of the day - not really adding much to the overall picture. Don’t even get me started on the ending either, rubbish.

There were momentary glimpses at what could have been, I didn’t mind the aeroplane scenes - especially the crash sequences - although the CGI used was a little weak. The acting was hard to fault, Leonardo DiCaprio did what he could with the script, Cate Blanchett was an Oscar-worthy mimic of Katherine Hepburn and Kate Beckinsale played an excellent Ava Gardner.

The Aviator has been nominated for a total of 11 Oscars this year - including Best Picture - the same award it took out at the recent Golden Globes - therefore surely the hot favourite to take it out. Frankly, I’m not sure that it’s worthy.

One to watch as a rainy day, home from work sick, midday movie in about 6 years time.