No spam for me

Over the weekend I finally got around to installing SpamLookup, a new anti-spam plugin for MovableType.

I’ve been using MT-Blacklist for quite some time for the same purpose, however I’ve never trusted it enough to switch off comment moderation. As for trackbacks, I’ll put it this way - I’ve never received a legitimate trackback since installing MT.

After installing SpamLookup and MT-Moderate (a handy trackback moderation plugin for MT) I’ve actually disabled MT-Blacklist and after three days I’ve yet to see a single piece of spam slip through the net.

As I write this, Spamlookout is in beta release, it’s still not perfect but it’s getting damn near close. I’m currently picking up a few errors on my Activity Log warning of some plugin errors (logged as ticket #18 on the Spamlookup bugtracker) however it doesn’t appear to be affecting the plugins performance in any way.

Now if only we could do something about referrer spam…