Initial thought: whoa

This is pretty serious news. Although Apple is talking up the fact that everything’s going to be compatible via ‘universal bundles’ and via their ‘Rosetta’ emulation software, we’re now looking at a complete refresh of their desktop/laptop/server product lines within the next 2 years.

From my (purely selfish) perspective, I’m faced with a tough decision. Do I go ahead and buy a new Powerbook in the knowledge that it’s most likely going to be obsolete by this time next year? Or do I make an interim move. Perhaps I should look at renting a PB, then trading up to a Mactel1 machine when they’re released next year.

Ignoring my personal plight for a second, I believe the move onto Intel chips is a good move for Apple. To use a term I’m currently thinking about alot, they’re removing reasons to fail. No more ‘megahertz-myth’, no more comparing Apples to Oranges. Level-pegging (sort-of) at last.

This has to be good for Apple’s future. I like it.

  1. Along the lines of ‘Wintel’, I guess the new Macs will be referred to as ‘Mactel’ or ‘Appletel’, ‘Intelintosh’?