Manly has gained yet another watering hole (YAWH™) with the opening last night of the Bavarian Bier Cafe (“BBC”), right on Manly Wharf. We popped in on our way home last night for a drink and some dinner.

Nice atmosphere thanks to a fantastic fit-out, complete with open fire (not operational last night), beer-glass ceiling above the bar, pile-o freshly cut firewood along the kitchen servery, big timber log benches outside and a couple good looking booths for the lucky.

Best thing: no more arduous journeys down to The Rocks for beers bigger than your head, nope, now they’re within walking distance of home.

update 29-Jul: Err yes. From what I can gather there’s been somekind of mixup with the licence and, sadly, the BBC has not re-opened since our little dinner of one week ago. Interesting. I’ll do some research and work out what the story is. Stay tuned.

update 9-Aug-05: This thread sheds some light on the issue, though still nothing concrete. As of today, BBC-Manly still remains closed. Ouch.

update 13-Aug-05: BBC on Manly Wharf has finally re-opened. Still nothing too solid about the reason for their closure, other than Manly Council shut them down. Some of the outside tables/benches have been removed.