Firstly I’d like to point out that this page’s current design is only temporary, the normal design will return shortly. As you may or may not have noticed, I’ve decided to try out Wordpress. After using MovableType for over 3 years now it was time for a change.

The primary catalyst was my realisation that the ‘dynamic publishing’ features built into MT just weren’t cutting it. As an example, a simple thing like adding a rating scale to my movie posts turned out to be a nightmare to implement.

Whilst plugins to extend MT in this way do exist, it’s most likely that said plugin will only work for static pages, not dynamic pages. The fact that developers have to make each plugin twice (one for static, perl; one for dynamic, php/smarty) is a drawback and is something that needs to be addressed for MT’s sake. Most plugins remain of the static/perl variety, hence ‘dynamic publishing’, in my opinion, remains something of a white elephant within MT. Perhaps this issue will be resolved in a future version, who knows, I hope so.

In Wordpress’s favour, the functionality to add a custom keyword to any entry or page is built right in. Simple. Dynamic publishing, it just works.

I’m looking forward to developing this site a little more given the vast range of possibilities available across the Wordpress community.