At Last

iTunes Music Store Australia

Prices are AU$1.69 per song, AU$16.99 per album.

update: Apple Australia’s official Press Release

Key facts

  • AU$1.69 per song, AU$16.99 per album and $3.39 per video (all prices include GST)
  • No Sony-BMG artists. In much the same way that Sony missed the launch of iTMS Japan, nothing from the Sony-BMG catalog (said to consist 25% of the global market) will be available from iTMS Australia any time soon
  • Exclusives available from launch include content from Missy Higgins, Bernard Fanning, Paul Mac, Evermore, Gyroscope and The Dissociatives
  • Pre-Paid iTMS cards (officially ‘iTunes Music Cards’) will soon be available from Coles Myer stores (Megamart, BI-LO, Coles Supermarkets, Pick ‘n’ Pay Hypermarket, Kmart, Target, Coles Express, Officeworks and Harris Technology). This seems to be an exclusive deal at the moment, however Apple are apparently not willing to confirm that this is indeed the case
  • According to a short note in the SMH column, Spike - Apple has cut it’s own retail stores out of the ‘iTunes Music Card’ distribution network. Walk into a non-Coles Myer store (Apple Centres included) and you won’t find iTunes Music Cards on sale. Bizzare.