Nano Nano

I had my first real world experience with an iPod nano yesterday whilst enjoying a little bit of retail therapy. I came away pretty impressed. I couldn’t get over how small, light and delicate it was. And that screen is amazing for it’s size.

The shop I was in had both a black and a white nano on (tethered) display. The difference between the two could not have been greater. Both were leading what could only be described as hard lives, constantly being picked up, prodded and tweaked. The black one was looking decidedly worse for wear. I’ve now seen first-hand the much talked about scratching issues that have apparently been plaguing the black nanos, albeit in a condensed life-span form if you catch my drift.

By contrast, the white one looked pretty fresh. From what I could tell, it was just as ‘used’ as the black, it’s just that its white colouring hid any evidence of a scratching, something, by contrast, that the black nano seems to highlight. Hold the black nano up and twist it to reflect the light and behold scratch central. Do the same for the white one and, whist it still is scratched as much as the black, the scratches were harder to notice. Whilst some scratches were still evident on the plastic covering the LCD, all the body scratches were nicely hidden in all that milky whiteness. What I can’t work out about this whole nano scratching thing is, surely this same problem afflicted the previous black iPod, the ‘U2 Special Edition’. I’m guessing this wasn’t such a mainstream problem because sales of the U2 edition were probably tiny compared with wider, white and mini sales. By releasing the nano in black and white, Apple opened themselves up to a wider market and hence the coverage the nano scratching ‘issue’ has garnered, impending lawsuits included. It has to be a widely known fact that dark surfaces show scratches more than light surfaces. Want evidence, look at any black car in bright sunlight. Compare to a white car, case in point. I’m sure a well-used black PSP would show scratches just as much as any black nano…


I’m thinking I’m going to be selling my third-generation (3G) 20gb iPod soon with the plan to upgrading to a new 30gb fifth-generation (5G) iPod, with video. I’ve recently found myself wanting to pick up a PSP to use as an ‘on-the-go’ media player, however after reading a couple of reviews of the new iPod and balking at the cost of (shudder) MemoryStick media, I’m thinking the iPod is now the way to go.

And yes, I’ll be getting a white one.

(If anyone wants to pick up a hardly used 20gb iPod with dock, extra set of Apple ‘in-ear’ headphones, all firewire cables etc, please drop me an email)