Using Google Reader

For the past couple of days I’ve been trying out Google’s new RSS aggregator - Google Reader. Being a Google product, it’s naturally full of all that new fangled Web 2.0/AJAX goodness. Many features used in Reader appear to have been carried across from Gmail which can’t be a bad thing.

Currently, there doesn’t appear to be any documentation or help files to work out how to use the thing, although the Googleblog does mention a ‘tour’ which I can’t seem to find can be found here. In my initial trials I’ve successfully imported my OPML subscriptions across from Bloglines and have worked out that: the ‘Home’ page is for checking the latest headlines across all feeds; ‘Your Subscriptions’ allows you to edit your subscribed-to feeds, view by feed (rather than across all) or filter all entries by label; ‘Read’ is to view read entries; and ‘Starred’ is to view flagged entries. Too easy.

The current version can bog down a little and has an unhealthy appetite for memory, however functionalitywise, it’s not too bad. Not sure if I’ll move across entirely from Bloglines just yet, though the future looks bright. I wonder what Bloglines are going to respond with?

update: Ah ha. After being down for a little white this afternoon, Bloglines is back online - with new added keyboard shortcuts (à la Google Reader).