All Ahead Full

So what’s been going on around here?

  • I acquired a new iPod
  • I started converting all my videos and DVDs into iPod friendly formats (using the excellent HandBrake and equally excellent ffmpegX)
  • I created Podsize
  • I watched Podsize spread across the internet and increase my site traffic by 1,300% on the way (yikes)
  • I got a cold and spend two days on the couch
  • Finally got around to watching Star Wars Episode III and was a little underwhelmed by it. Who in their right mind would program battle-droids to be so stupidly goofy and insolent to their superiors? Ugh.
  • We passed a crucial milestone for our 2006 plans, can’t wait
  • Watched for first episode of the new season of Top Gear. Brilliant.
  • Natalie cooked a fantastic fruitcake
  • I ate and enjoyed copious amounts of fantastic fruitcake
  • Saw the Pissarro exhibition at the AGNSW I promise to update more often.