Presenting Podsize

UPDATE Podsize is now available from github

I created a quick and dirty tool to be used for checking whether or not the dimensions of a video file are indeed compatible with the new iPod with video (fifth-generation, 5g model). I’ve called it Podsize.

It’s pretty simple really. As widely reported, the maximum supported video dimensions are not restricted by height or width constraints - rather by total pixel count. For MPEG-4 video, this is given by Apple as 480x480 which would equal 230,400 pixels, for H.264 the maximum is given as 320x240 which would equal 76,800.

Podsize allows you to check that your video’s total pixel count is below the maximun threshhold permitted by the iPod with video. It also has a small ‘preview’ of what your re-encoded video will look like when played on your iPod.

If your looking for something to convert your DVD’s or videos with and you’re using a Mac, I personally would recommend HandBrake for converting your DVDs and ffmpegX for anything else.

Note that I’ve yet to implement a support for H.264 video, I’m currently only messing around with MPEG-4 videos though I’m sure I’ll add a checker for H.264 into Podsize shortly. DONE It should also be noted that the current iteration only checks the pixel count and not any other parameters that may affect your ability to play your video back on your iPod (maximum video Kbps, audio Kbps, Khz, fps etc).