Motorsport Quickies

Michelin opts to quit Formula 1 citing pressure from the FIA and the previously announced move toward the return to a sole tyre supplier for the 2008 season. Williams and Toyota’s move to Bridgestone for the 2006 season is looking like a pretty tidy about now. McLaren seal deal with Vodafone The second-tier Ferrari sponsor is moving to a primary sponsor gig at McLaren Mercedes for 2007 onwards. Ferrari’s current deal is said to be worth $23m a year. Both Mitsubishi and Skoda have announced that they will not contest the 2006 World Rally Championship. With Peugeot and Citroen out also, only Ford and Subaru remain as full factory teams for ‘06. (‘05 Champion Sebastian Loeb will defend his crown in a privately entered, though factory-assisted, Citroen Xsara. Citroen return as a full factory team on ‘07 with their new C4 model.) After winning just about everything with its R8 sportscar. Audi have challenged themselves to continue their streak with a new diesel-powered sportscar, the R10. Replacing the petrol 3.8l V8 is an all new 5.5l twin-turbo V12, complete with all the usual diesel stump-pulling torque. Between the turbos and the diesel-particulate exhaust filters, the R10 is said by drivers to almost silent, even at full noise.