Quick first spin

I had my first spin on an Intel Mac yesterday, a 17in iMac. With the experience of using the new processor being seemless, the only real difference between it and the 20in iMac G5 sitting next to it was that it had iLife ‘06 installed.

From my quick spin1, iPhoto 6 is a very worthy update. I especially like the new full-screen mode’s ability to compare two shots at once, though on a screen of 17in (or smaller in the case of my 12in iBook) the usefulness of this feature is a little lost. Zooming in on either photo helps a little although as soon as you move to another shot, the zoom level is reset to fit the entire photo on screen. It’d be nice to keep the zoom as you browse several photos to compare sharpness, as you can when browsing photos on my DSLR.

Testing iPhoto’s performance improvements will have to wait for another day. When quickly scrolling through the Library on several occaisions the iMac would momentarily lock up and have a stutter before continuing, not what I expected on a machine with a next-gen processor and a loaded GPU. Perhaps with a little more RAM than the basic 512mb installed on the demo machine this will go away, who knows. I’ll withhold by final verdict until I can validate my test on another machine.

  1. ‘Spinning Beachball of Death’ pun not intended.