Plotting Places

In honour of our upcoming trip, I’ve whipped up a new section for this here site - I’m currently calling it Places. In a nutshell, it’s simply a MovableType weblog that interfaces with the Google Maps API to show where we’ve been recently.

By using the excellent functionality available in Google Maps, you can zoom in/out and switch between map and satellite views of each map. My favourite part is the plot line that shows the order in which the places on the map were visited, click the ‘Show Plot’ link underneath the map to switch this on. You can also click on the places listed on the right of the page to pan over to each place on the map.

Places is a little rough around the edges at the moment and will need a fair bit of work before I’m 100% happy with it. That said, the basic functionality is there to try out. If you’re having any issues viewing the maps, please add a comment to this entry and I’ll investigate.

Best way to see how this thing works is to check out the map for our 2000 trip around the world. I’m yet to finish plotting all the places we visited, although as it currently stands you should be able to have a good play around.

Once finished tinkering, I’ll most likely release the template files and instructions for setting up something similar on your own MovableType website.