Marie Antoinette

What can I say.. I had high hopes for this film, after all Lost in Translation is one of my favourite films.

Watched in “Version Original” here in France it looked like a poor early edit, perhaps rushed out into local release after a showing in Cannes back in May. Just too many long dreamy sequences and not enough substance, perhaps a little too soft and not forthright enough with some story elements. The final couple of sequences seemed rushed through, the ending left hanging by ambiguity.

Casting was OK, Dunst played the lead well, though I couldn’t look at Jason Schwartzman and not think of him in Rushmore. Australians Judy Davis and the excellent Rose Byrne put in fantastic performances in their respective roles, unfortunately not enough to resurrect the film.

Strange that Marie Antoinette is not due for release in the US until October and Australia in December, hopefully enough time to spend a few more hours in the edit suite to cut out the hundreds of boom-mike shots and to trim the storyline down just a tad.