We've arrived

We’re finally in France, our home for the next few months. The weather here could not get any better - clear days and sunlight from 0600 until 2130. Last Monday we collected our car from Nice Airport then drove down along the Côte d’Azur to our village. The roads were initially very scary however after a week we’re as close as used to them as we’ll ever be. I completely forgot how mountainous this region is, it’s one thing to explore it from the train, another to drive along the corniche…

Monaco is almost entirely packed up after the Grand Prix held at the end of May. Nice is a total mess - they’re building a new tram system and appear to have tackled every street in the city at once and the beaches couldn’t be any better.

Internet access is extremely hard to come by, we’re currently sitting in Fnac Nice - probably the best access we’ve found so far. Have had more than a few dramas getting global roaming working on my mobile, fixed today when I picked up a local SIM card, email if you want the number. Would love to upload a couple of photos, however wifi access is even harder to come by than regular internet access, will post some as soon as we can.

After one week we’re really starting to get into the swing and are enjoying everything this place has to offer.