Something to celebrate

It’s cooled down a little here, the crowds are thinning, schools back - la rentree - which seems to feature heavily on the news every night - and we’ve only a few weeks to go in France. Whilst it never got quite as bad as some guide books might make out, we have noticed a reduced amount of people out and about and on the roads over the past week, back to the levels that we enjoyed during our first few weeks here back in June.

Feet #1

Feet #2

We’ve been living here for just over three months now, spending our days exploring as much as we can in our little black Renault. We’ve also been across to London for Maz & Kirsty’s wedding, across the border into Italy, across to the Luberon region of France a couple of times and have visited just about every town along the coast between Menton and St Tropez.

The weather couldn’t be much better, in the entire time we’ve been here we’ve had a mere three days with solid rain, the temperature very rarely dips below the mid-twenties - the sun never seems to stop shining.

(All the gory details of our trip so far can be found up on Flickr: my photoset, Natalie’s photoset)

A few celebrations recently: firstly my big three-oh celebrated by Nellie and I at the Monte-Carlo Casino (naturally), followed shortly thereafter by the much more important celebration of our ten year anniversary. Who loves you baby?