Alonso champion again!

Absolute cracker of a race in Brazil, Massa taking the race quite easily, Alonso taking out the 2006 championship and the number 1 across with him to McLaren and finally the constructors championship going to Renault.

Ferrari had an absolute blinder, it would have been very interesting to see how the championship would have turned out had Schummy not picked up that puncture on the third lap, I’m not convinced that he actually touched with Fisichella rather picked up some debris from Rosberg’s rather large shunt. Unlucky nonetheless.

Regardless Schummy went out with fastest lap of the race - by a mile - and pulled off two incredible overtaking moves - firstly pressuring Fisichella into a mistake going into turn one then pushing his way past his replacement at Ferrari next year, Kimi Raikkonen at the same corner a few laps later. Brilliant.

Quote of the day goes to Kimi, interviewed live by Martin Brundle as he prepared on the grid

Brundle: “Kimi, what did you make of the Pele/Schumacher presentation down the front of the grid?”

Kimi: “Don’t know, I was off taking a shit.”


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