In London

So we’re back in the big smoke, our time in France has finished and we’re living in London for a little while. I haven’t spent more than a couple of days in London previously so actually living (and working) here for the past week has been great fun.

Importantly we’re finally back online with a decent connection at ‘home’; thankfully we won’t be going anywhere near any internet cafes for a while. Being effectively offline for four whole months has proved a little taxing: particularly when it came to doing any quick research or simple things like checking email. The thing about internet cafes is that there’s that constant spectre of having to pay by the minute/half-hour (depending on the setup) and you therefore find yourself trying to get everything done as quickly as possible, under the gun as it were. Cheapest we found was a €10/10 hour wifi in Monaco, most expensive was something like €12 an hour.

Really enjoying being in London, we’ve so far been walking everywhere, doing some touristy things and exploring our local area. We’re loving the food, they seem to be really setup to cater to the commuting crowds with a massive range of ready-to-cook meals available from the supermarkets (Exactly what David Jones’ Foodchain should have been) and brilliant pre-made sandwiches/pies/soup (Think of a gourmet version of ‘Fast & Fresh’) available from the other places geared towards the lunch crowds.

We’re off the the theatre tonight and again on Friday night - so much to see and do.