Friday night we went down to V&A museum for one of their Friday Late events, this month’s theme being Twilight. Brilliant night, I’m sure that we’ll be going along next month also.

FSM vs Da Vinci

What was it? In a nutshell the museum stayed open late, opened a bar complete with DJ in the main entrance area and got a bunch of Apple people along to show off their latest iLife and Aperture products. A few sets were available in front of which those attending could pose - a Parisian one for digicam and a grim forest scene (complete with wolves, big coats, leaves and a little bit of smoke) for the mega SLR on a tripod - the photos from which were then uploaded into a bunch of iMacs/Mac minis for editing before being printed for the lucky punter to take home. We didn’t end up queuing for a photo of our own, watching those who did was more than enough fun. Aperture was reserved for the pros in a space out the back in the statue gallery which looked kind of cool - all those Mac Pros and 30in screens amongst the marble busts.

Friday Late Pro Arena

Highlight of the night was the V&A itself, we’d yet to visit during the day and from the little taster on Friday night we headed straight back Saturday morning to explore the rest.

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