Flickr Camera Finder launched

A couple of days ago, Flickr introduced a new feature - the ability to find photos by camera make/model (Related Flickr blog announcement). I say finally because I’ve been thinking about such a feature and hoping they’d roll it out ever since they started showing EXIF information for uploaded photos a while back.

The main Flickr Camera Finder page shows some fantastic stats breaking down the top 5 cameras used by their user base, current champion being my camera - the Canon 350D/Digital Rebel XT, followed by the Nikon D50. Drill down by manufacturer and they provide similar stats for the most popular camera by that brand, all organised in a permalink structure that actually makes some sense.

Best of all you can now view some sample images from each camera at the bottom of each camera model page - though only if some photos taken with said camera have been ranked as Interesting on Flickr. I love this for being able to check out photos taken on relatively rare cameras such as the Leica M8, that new-ish, ultra-high-end camera most photo-nerds aspire to owning ‘one day’.

Other lusty cameras on show: Panasonic DMC-LC1, its sibling the Leica Digilux 2 and the Ricoh GR Digital

Not sure how ‘live’ the stats or model pages are, some very new cameras like the Olympus E-400 and the Nikon D40 don’t currently have their own pages, so no ability to check out any photos and some cameras that are new-ish and actually have their own product page already - don’t have any photos viewable as none have been judged to have enough ‘interestingness’ - example being the Samsung NV 7.

Camera Finder also marks what is probably the first of many product tie-ins with Flickr’s parent company Yahoo!: the camera information, review info and pricing information all seem to be pulled from Yahoo! Shopping. I also notice that the featured camera on the main page is there as a ‘sponsored placement’, currently from none other than Nikon, in fact wherever the Nikon name now appears on Flickr, their logo does also. This seems to be a continuation of the Nikon Stunning campaign started by the D80 release campaign.

update: I guess I should clarify that you can actually seach for photos taken with a particular camera model across all public photos; the search box located just underneath the model specs for each camera provides for this. Therefore if no interesting shots are available, you could try searching using some common words or tags (scenic, portrait, me etc) though even this doesn’t seem to be too successful. Perhaps Flickr needs a ‘browse by camera model’ option as well?