We went to Parky

Thursday night, Nellie and I went along to the recording of an upcoming Parkinson show at ITV’s South Bank Studios here in London. Guests on the show were Sir Michael Caine and Tony Bennett with a live performance by Paul Simon.

Michael Caine was a cracker of a guest, with some great stories about his stint in Korea, early acting days and making it without a ‘posh’ accent. Paul Simon performed a song from his new album, then did it again due to an apparent audio glitch. Quite a short bloke, took me a little by surprise when he walked out. Actually was a shame he wasn’t interviewed but at least we got to hear that fabulous voice.

Tony Bennett, what can you say? The guy’s eighty years old and still performing, quite amazing. The interview was quite personal, I never knew he was so involved with the American Civil Rights movement back in the day, good friends with Martin Luther King no less. He closed the show by singing his famous “I Left My Heart in San Francisco”, which he told us he hadn’t sung on tele since the 60s.