Home for a wii while

Back in Sydney after 6 months in France and London. Feels quite strange to be back in the old hometown, everything seems familiar yet I find myself looking at everything in different ways, appreciating them in different ways. As they say “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”.

A rundown of the past few weeks: We made it to yet another recording of Parkinson: guests Lenny Henry, Katherine Jenkins and Dame Judy Dench; caught up with cousin Sarah and her other half Matt over a couple dozen pints of the black stuff; then ended up ticking a few final sightseeing boxes off, including one massive/memorable day walking to Primrose Hill and back. Managed to avoid the Tube for all but three weekend journeys, lucky enough to be able to walk into work every day from our apartment and feel much better for it as a result. The weather was extremely mild right up until we left, had a brilliant time.

After leaving London we had a night in Hong Kong, just as we did on the way over. Definitely cooler with negligible humidity this time around, not exactly winter - though some locals were walking around with their winter coats on(!?!). Checked out the impressive, though a little gaudy, Christmas lights adorning most of the taller building on HK Is from the Kowloon harbourside. Still blown away by the efficiency of the MTR and their Octopus card, to which London now has the equivalent Oyster card; why on Earth wouldn’t CityRail/Sydney Buses/Sydney Ferries look into implementing this brilliant system locally?

Arrived back in Sydney yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon and headed into work this morning to tie up a few loose ends, though most of the end-tying ended up being deferred until tomorrow afternoon. What’s certain at this point is that we’ll be heading down to sunny Melbourne for at least the next three months and that I’m due down there as early as this coming Monday. Roll on the next challenge.

Being in town today was a laugh, glad to see that I made it back in time to take in Wii launch-fever. Not that I’ll be partaking in any midnight madness tonight, I’m hoping that my time will come as soon as the finances are back in order; extremely glad to be back in our native currency after being away so long.